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Swiss German Cases and articles


Swiss German Cases and articles


Description: Hi guys,
I know this is a longer video, sorry about that. Also not sure I explained everything well, but you can always ask in the comments if something remains unclear. :)

1. GERMAN cases/articles: http://tinyurl.com/lhuzfaj
2. SG cases/articles: http://tinyurl.com/nrbb6xk
3. SG genitive case: http://tinyurl.com/n4y35m8

Here are the sentences/phrases/words i used in the video, and more info:

case - Fall/Kasus m.
nominative case - Nominativ
accusative case - Akkusativ
dative case - Dativ
genitive case - Genitiv
definite article - bstimmtä Artikel (m.) bstimmti Artikel (pl.)
indefinite article - unbstimmtä Artikel (m.) unbstimmti Artikel (pl.)

Don't tell any man/woman/child about this! or Tell no man/woman/child about this! Säg das käm Ma/känerä Frau/käm Chind!
Don't tell anyone - Sägs niemerem!

Some more examples for the cases, naming the cases the dog is in:

Nominative: The dog is cute. - Dä Hund isch härzig.

Accusative: The cat dislikes the dog. - D'Chatz hät de Hund nid gärn.

Dative: The man told the dog his secrets. - Dä Ma het am Hund sini Gheimnis avertraut.
Gheimnis avertrouä/avertrauä is a fixed phrase and means as much as to tell one's secrets or to confide one's secrets to smb.
If you're wondering why it is dative when there's no 'to'; you can say: he told his secrets TO the dog. :) the problem is this "to" + verb = dative isn't foolproof. a lot of verbs which require the dative in SG don't have a "to" in english. so what i'll do is just add the case next to verbs when you're learning new verbs. :)

Genitive: That's the toy of the dog - Das isch am Hund sis SpiilzĂĽg/Das isch s SpiilzĂĽg vom Hund.

toy - SpiilzĂĽg (n.)
secret - Gheimnis (n.)
cat - Chatz (f.) Chatzenä (pl.)
dog - Hund (m.) HĂĽnd (pl.)
car - Auto (n.) Autos (pl.)
little toy car - Autööli (n.)
man - Ma(a) (m.) Mannä (pl.)
woman - Frau (f.) Frauä/Frauänä (pl.)
child - Chind (n.)
that woman's dog walked off/escaped/got lost - därä Frau ihre(n) Hund isch wäggloffä.
to walk off/run away - wäglaufä

If i didn't add a plural form, it means it stays the same as the singular form.
enjoy. x

Sent by: Maryangel24
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