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MediCon International Students Congress of biomedicine in Tuzla


MediCon - International Students Congress of (bio)medicine in Tuzla


Description: Producent: Emir Bećirović - Udruženje studenata Medicinskog fakulteta u Tuzli "MEDICUS"
Autor: Jasmin Jatić - e-mail: [email protected]
U spotu se pojavljuju: Velma Suljendić, Maida Čajić, Arijalda Pjević

Web: www.medicon.us-medicus.ba
FB page: www.facebook.com/medicon.tuzla

O kongresu:

Internacionalni kongres studenata i mladih doktora (bio)medicine u Bosni i Hercegovini „MediCon 2015.“ je projekat Udruženja studenata Medicinskog fakulteta u Tuzli „MEDICUS“, te je pokrenut iz razloga da pruži studentima i mladim doktorima da se okušaju u pisanju i prezentaciji naučnih i naučno/istraživačkih radova.

Tokom 3 dana trajanja Kongresa, očekuju vas zanimljiva predavanja profesora tuzlanskog Medicinskog fakulteta i Univerziteta u Tuzli koja obrađuju najnovije teme i dostignuća iz svijeta medicine. Studenti i mladi doktori koji budu aktivno učestvovali na kongresu imaju priliku i da se takmiče za najbolju usmenu prezentaciju i najbolji poster, a isti koji budu ocijenjeni od strane Naučnog odbora, bit će nagrađeni posebnom nagradom.

Osim naučnog dijela, pripremili smo vam i bogat društveni program, stoga vas uvjeravamo da, osim znanja i vještina koje ćete usvojiti, zabave i druženja neće nedostajati.

Više info: www.medicon.us-medicus.ba

International congress of students and young doctors of (bio)medicine in Bosnia and Herzegovina “Medicon 2015” is an official project of the Association of Students of Medicine in Tuzla “MEDICUS”, and it was started with because it aims to provide students and young doctors a chance to try in writing and presentation of scientific and scientific / research papers.

During the three days of the Congress, you can expect interesting lectures from professors teaching at Faculty of Medicine in Tuzla and at the University of Tuzla. These lectures handle the latest issues and developments in the world of medicine. Students and young doctors who take active participation in the Congress have the opportunity to compete for the best oral presentation and best poster, and the best evaluated by the Scientific Committee, will be awarded a special prize. In addition to the scientific part, we have prepared a rich social program.

Therefore, we can assure you that, in addition to knowledge and skills that you will adopt, entertainment and friendship will not lack.

More info: www.medicon.us-medicus.ba

Sent by: Udruženje studenata Medicus
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